# Mili # 413

# Mili # 413

# Mili # 412

# Mili # 412

  • Hair: TRUTH HAIR Snow –  light blondes {by Truth Hawks}
  • Heels: [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14]  Tarida Heel {by gracehaddington} SECRET WEDNESDAY *tyvm*
  • Tote: [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14] Mariela Tote {by gracehaddington} *tyvm*
  • Outfit: [LG] Boutique-[ SPRING14] Gone To Soon {by gracehaddington} SECRET WEDNESDAY *tyvm*
  • Skin: ItGirls – Vega Skin – Summer {by Annie Jolifaunt}
  • Pose: Dyer Maker Animations – 5 Bag Poses Set Modify Transfer {by webmistrex Xue} RISQUE BUSINESS FAIR

# Mili # 410

# Mili # 410
  • Heels: DN Mesh: Dan heels w HUD {by beanster potato} NEW *tyvm*
  • Top: DN Mesh: Hubba Top w HUD {by beanster potato} NEW *tyvm*
  • Skirt: Millenaire – Skirt Black {by nenyly fayray1} *tyvm*
  • Bracelets: POMPOSITY – Handcuff Bracelets {by Bugsy Hansome} *tyvm*
  • Thigh band: POMPOSITY – Linked Cuff Handcuff Thigh Band / Garter – {by Bugsy Hansome} *tyvm*
  • Necklace: POMPOSITY – Scorpion Necklace (TAIL UP) {by Bugsy Hansome} *tyvm*
  • Hair: [LeLutka]-EVILLY hair/Naturals {by thora charron}
  • Skin: .Birdy. Izzy Skin ~Pure~ {by nina helix}
# Mili # 410

# Mili # 409

Uma fofura. O nome dela é Suzu, novo avatar mesh da ND/MD, e vem em 4 tamanhos, ou seja, pode acompanhar seu cresimento. O sistema criado por eles é totalmente independente, e na própria loja você compra as roupinhas, ou pega os templates free para quem quiser se aventurar e criar novas peças. 
Vai lá na ND/MD e confere a linha Suzu, e os demais avatares da loja. Vale a pena 🙂
# Mili # 409
  • Child avatar: ND/MD Cuties ALL 4 Suzu mesh avatars {by alea lamont} NEW *tyvm*
  • Outfit: ND/MD Cuties-Babydoll Dresses LILA {by alea lamont} NEW *tyvm* *comes with another acessories not shown*
  • Hair: [e] Youth – Essentials Collection {by elikapeka tiramisu} *don’t know if still available*

# Mili # 408

Don’t for get to stop by at Alice Project every day for 2 free gifts, which will be L$50 afterwards, If you’re VIP, enjoy an extra color set. VIP gifts will remain free forever. Gifts are available at both locations; at Mint Tulip in the front and Illusory at the back with all the other holiday items. It started May 27 and goes until June 10th.

# Mili # 408

# Mili # 406

# Mili # 406

# Mili # 405

# Mili # 405